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The Governor-General of New Zealand
The official web site of the Governor-General of New Zealand.
Categories: Government
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  Added/Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 1999
New Zealand Government Executive Cabinet Committees
Homepage of the New Zealand Cabinet
Categories: Government
Views: 51846   Hits: 2442
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 1999
New Zealand Politics
The Political Pages, New Zealand's hot-bed of political information, news, debate and discussion
Categories: Government
Views: 33768   Hits: 3627
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 1999
Antarctica New Zealand
Antarctica New Zealand Home Page - providing leadership in developing, promoting and realising opportunities for New Zealand from international involvement in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.
Views: 118120   Hits: 3858
  Added/Updated: Thursday, March 18, 1999
Prime Minister of New Zealand
The official website of the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Categories: Parliament | Government
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  Added/Updated: Friday, September 24, 1999
Mariners 2000
To celebrate the new millennium, the Royal New Zealand Coastguard Federation Inc. have adopted the flags Y, 2 and K: "I wish you peace, much good will and good fortune."
Categories: Government
Views: 33410   Hits: 2609
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, November 2, 1999
Rage page made in NZ
Rage Against the mechine in all its glory with pics lyrics some sounds and infomation on what they stand for
Views: 257382   Hits: 14173
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, December 7, 1999
The Law and Order Referendum
Promotes the objectives of the recent Law and Order Referendum voted for by 92% of NZ'ers, and also discusses other related law and order issues
Categories: Legal Services | Government
Views: 91654   Hits: 5395
  Added/Updated: Friday, March 3, 2000 - Online NZ Ballots
A Website where you can vote on various New Zealand political issues
Views: 42020   Hits: 3539
  Added/Updated: Friday, March 24, 2000
Flag NZ
flagnz is the leading design for the up and cominng new flag for new is designed by a NZer,in NZ an most importantly for ALL new zealanders
Views: 261764   Hits: 12252
  Added/Updated: Thursday, May 11, 2000
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