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New Zealand Politics
The Political Pages, New Zealand's hot-bed of political information, news, debate and discussion
Categories: Government
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  Added/Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 1999
New Zealand Government Executive Cabinet Committees
Homepage of the New Zealand Cabinet
Categories: Government
Views: 51523   Hits: 2442
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 1999
Norwegian Capricorn Line
Norwegian Capricorn Line was founded by some of Australia's foremost cruise professionals in partnership with one of the world's most experienced cruise companies, Norwegian Cruise Line.
Categories: Government
Views: 27808   Hits: 2837
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, March 16, 1999
Antarctica New Zealand
Antarctica New Zealand Home Page - providing leadership in developing, promoting and realising opportunities for New Zealand from international involvement in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.
Views: 116477   Hits: 3858
  Added/Updated: Thursday, March 18, 1999
Prime Minister of New Zealand
The official website of the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Categories: Parliament | Government
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  Added/Updated: Friday, September 24, 1999
Mariners 2000
To celebrate the new millennium, the Royal New Zealand Coastguard Federation Inc. have adopted the flags Y, 2 and K: "I wish you peace, much good will and good fortune."
Categories: Government
Views: 33072   Hits: 2609
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, November 2, 1999
Rage page made in NZ
Rage Against the mechine in all its glory with pics lyrics some sounds and infomation on what they stand for
Views: 256761   Hits: 14173
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, December 7, 1999
The Law and Order Referendum
Promotes the objectives of the recent Law and Order Referendum voted for by 92% of NZ'ers, and also discusses other related law and order issues
Categories: Legal Services | Government
Views: 91224   Hits: 5395
  Added/Updated: Friday, March 3, 2000 - Online NZ Ballots
A Website where you can vote on various New Zealand political issues
Views: 41583   Hits: 3539
  Added/Updated: Friday, March 24, 2000
Flag NZ
flagnz is the leading design for the up and cominng new flag for new is designed by a NZer,in NZ an most importantly for ALL new zealanders
Views: 259802   Hits: 12252
  Added/Updated: Thursday, May 11, 2000
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