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New Zealand Men for Equal Rights Association
international links and resources, newsletter articles, manifesto, help for separated fathers, Prostate Awareness and Support Society, Casualties of Sexual Allegations
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  Added/Updated: Wednesday, July 5, 2000
Children's Day
National Children's Day is now to be held on the first Sunday of March every year. Check out our website for more information on the day and events in your area.
Categories: News and Media | Government
Region: Nationwide
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  Added/Updated: Tuesday, July 18, 2000
Compass New Zealand Ltd
Building Compliance. Building warrant of fitness, Fire Evacuation, IQP inspections, Building Safety
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  Added/Updated: Friday, July 21, 2000
Martin, Jenkins & Associates
Martin, Jenkins & Associates is a high-expertise New Zealand based provider of strategic advisory and management services.
Categories: Consulting | Government
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, January 18, 2001
Victims Of Invasive CrimE
VOICE want reform of the Criminal Justice Act 1985 to reduce violent recidivist offending. Currently such crime is occurring as a result of serious violent offenders being released into the community
Categories: Government | Legal Services
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, March 1, 2001
activism - socialism, feminism, anti-discrimination, pro-environment, protest pics, direct action, rants, opinion, education, justice, media
Categories: Government | Hobbies
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  Added/Updated: Sunday, April 15, 2001
Public Sector Management in New Zealand
Public Sector Management in New Zealand is an important contribution to the literature on public management.
Categories: Government
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  Added/Updated: Tuesday, August 14, 2001
New Zealand Government Online
The official gateway to New Zealand government on the Internet. Site provides an overview of New Zealand and its government, access to government services information and employment opportunities, as
Categories: Government
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  Added/Updated: Friday, March 22, 2002
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
The official web site of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Introduction plus information on the Cabinet Office, Honours Secretariat, recruitment, publications and contacts.
Categories: Government
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  Added/Updated: Friday, March 22, 2002
New Zealand Government Electronic Commerce
New Zealand Government resource containing information on electronic commerce, including law, trade, tax, privacy, consumer protection, and help for businesses.
Categories: Government
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  Added/Updated: Friday, March 22, 2002
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