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Golf Humour
Receive advice from golf's premier agony aunt, Ms Kallas-Way; improve your mental game with the humour column; drop your handicap with the illustrated tips; win a T-shirt (nudists may opt for free gol
Categories: Golf | e-Zines
Views: 38383   Hits: 3200
  Added/Updated: Thursday, August 8, 2002
Good Foot
Monthly magazine of writing and music - arts, politics, culture, sport . . .
Views: 349179   Hits: 5058
  Added/Updated: Monday, May 31, 1999
Independent weekly reviews on digital products
d-Brief gives you independent news and reviews on products available for the New Zealand market including cell phones, digital cameras, printers, and laptops.
Categories: e-Zines
Views: 14816   Hits: 2394
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, May 23, 2006
News, nostalgia, comment, books, reviews and lifestyle. Written by New Zealand babyboomers for New Zealand babyboomers
Categories: e-Zines | Kiwi
Views: 26729   Hits: 3807
  Added/Updated: Friday, April 6, 2007
The latest book news, reviews and literary events from New Zealand, plus online shopping.
Categories: Books | e-Zines
Views: 29961   Hits: 3731
  Added/Updated: Friday, September 10, 2004
New Zealand's own global fashion 'zine, bringing a fresh perspective to style, beauty and travel with an emphasis on Kiwi designers.
Views: 31434   Hits: 1671
  Added/Updated: Monday, April 19, 1999
For people passionate about everything Macintosh. Access the latest Apple product articles and reviews, forums, blogs, videos, pictures and competitions. Gain tips and tricks to charge your Mac life.
Categories: Macintosh | Guides | e-Zines
Views: 52260   Hits: 3470
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Columns, New Zealand Amateurs, Models, Opinion, Reviews, Adult themed E-Zine
Views: 231785   Hits: 12935
  Added/Updated: Tuesday, October 24, 2000
Men's Domain
New Zealands best online lifestyle magazine for men offering the best advice on men skills, lifestyle, training, and the best things for men.
Categories: e-Zines | Men
Views: 15541   Hits: 982
  Added/Updated: Sunday, January 11, 2009
Mobile Pages - The Directory for New Zealand Cellphone Numbers
Mobile Pages is the New Zealand directory for cellphone numbers and all your other contact details -email address, phone, fax, website… List ALL your personal and business contact details for free.
Categories: Mobile Computing | e-Zines
Views: 137068   Hits: 10823
  Added/Updated: Wednesday, September 25, 2002
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