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A Waste of Bandwidth
Like, elvis and space goats 'n stuff.
Categories: Writing | All about Me...
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  Added/Updated: Saturday, February 6, 1999
WAP enabled version of the online journal located @ Readers with WAP enabled units can read at their convenience, whenever & wherever.
Categories: Writing | Mobile Computing
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  Added/Updated: Saturday, September 7, 2002
Berean Publishers
This Christian site is concerned with biblical salvation. How is it gained? How can it be lost? What deceptions are there in the church?
Categories: News and Media | Writing
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  Added/Updated: Friday, November 2, 2001
Chaos, Complexity, Mythology and Archetypes
Follow your Bliis to an enchanted world of chaos, catastrophe, complexity, archetypes and mythology. Come on a journey to be who you really are.
Categories: Books | Writing
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  Added/Updated: Monday, January 29, 2001
Colin's Writing Page
Short stories with a romantic theme. Humorous stories. Sometimes sexy but always nice. Also information links and images of New Zealand.
Categories: Writing | Hobbies
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  Added/Updated: Monday, July 6, 1998
Personal home pages - step into the Darkness and discover angels, vampires, dragons, poetry, magic, music, sci-fi, fantasy and so much more.
Categories: Writing | All about Me...
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  Added/Updated: Sunday, October 11, 1998
Dieting is an evil word
Kiwi girls weight loss site - using the web to get out her frustration and success
Categories: Writing | People
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  Added/Updated: Monday, December 22, 2003
Read what Courtney, your virtual host, has to say about our latest ebooks by New Zealander, Ross Richdale.
Categories: Books | Writing
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  Added/Updated: Monday, September 16, 2002
Fish Outta Water
A humourous look into life of a 23 year old "Kiwi Chick", and her everyday 'battles'. Or not.
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, November 11, 1999
Forum: News, Viwes and Reviews
Most of us receive brilliantly written e-mails from our friends and, once we've read them we delete them consigning the golden nuggets to history - I intend to allow these people to display their ware
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, February 7, 2002
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