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Webheads Wonder World
Douaine's World - loads of cool stuff !!!
Categories: All about Me...
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  Added/Updated: Saturday, April 18, 1998
Welcome to Ratana Pa and to New Zealand
This site describes the history, geography and function of Ratana Pa, with reference to the Ratana Faith, the Ratana Creed, and the Ratana Movement.
Categories: All about Me...
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, August 7, 1997
Wizard of New Zealand
This is the homepage of the official Wizard of New Zealand, classified by art galleries and critics as a Living Work of Art, designer of the Post-Mode
Categories: All about Me...
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  Added/Updated: Wednesday, October 29, 1997
Wobbly's Pages
the latest gossip & pictures of my freinds in NZ & overseas.
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, April 1, 1999
zed's homepage
music, samples, sounds, poetry, bands, nz music, ezine, drums, humour, recording studios, engineering, production, albums, karate, Hamilton
Categories: All about Me...
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  Added/Updated: Wednesday, October 29, 1997
Zed's Homepage
NZ Music, Recording Engineer/Producer, Musician, Singer/Songwriter, Poet, the band Schroedinger's Cat and crazy ramblings.
Categories: All about Me...
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, June 4, 1998
Guide to the New Zealand music underground
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  Added/Updated: Wednesday, January 28, 1998
ZL Amateur Radio Web Pages
New Zealand Amateur Radio - Your invitation to a high-tech hobby.
Categories: All about Me... | Hobbies
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  Added/Updated: Thursday, March 18, 1999
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